How to Do the Advocare 24 Day Challenge 10 Day Cleanse

The first 10 days of the 24 day challenge are a combination of clean eating and a specific regimen of supplements. This is the part of the challenge that cleans out your digestive track and your liver making your body body primed for optimal nutritional absorption for the second 14 days. The first 10 days of the challenge are very important and is where a good portion of the weight is usually lost.  My instructions vary slightly from the instructions that come with the challenge. The reason for this is because I have found that by tweaking it slightly, our clients get better results. The biggest change is that we recommend saving the meal replacement shakes for days 11 – 24.  These shakes have a little bit of dairy in them and I want you to avoid dairy completely for the first 10 days.

The rest of this page lets you know which supplements to take each day and then I also have a section of things you should do on the cleanse and things you should avoid on the cleanse. If you have any questions about buying the 24 day challenge feel free to ask in the chat box below which goes right to my email. I respond pretty quick to all questions.

Days 1 – 10

You have four supplements you will be taking during the 10 day cleanse.

  • Fiber Drink (Morning)

  • Pro-biotic Restore (Morning)

  • Herbal Cleanse (Night)

  • Fish Oil (Night)

Three of them will come in these two boxes below and then the fish oil (Omega Plex) will come in a separate container by itself.

Advocare 10 Day Haerbal Cleanse

Advocare Fiber DrinkIn the morning when you wake up, grab your fiber drink and mix it with 8 ounces of water and drink it (well chug it) right away. If you don’t drink it right away it will start to gel up. Some people hate the fiber drink and some people love it. If you do not like it try mixing it with your spark as it makes it taste much better.  In my opinion the peaches and cream is the best. But they make a plain one and a citrus one which mixes well with the orange spark.

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse SupplementsWhen you drink you fiber you should also take your two ProBiotics.  These are the white pills shown to the right. Drink another 8 ounces of water once you finish your fiber and the ProBiotics.  Approximately 30 minutes after you finish these you can have your first meal of the day. At night you must take your herbal cleanse pills before bed.  Those are the brown pills shown to the right. You should also take about 4 fish oil pills. Some people prefer to take them with their last meal of the day but I always just take them before bed. I keep both the herbal cleanse pills and the fish oil pills right on my nightstand.


Things to remember to do during the 24 Day Challenge 10 Day Cleanse Phase

Drink Water! About 1 gallon of water per day. Toxins are releasing into your bloodstream at an elevated level and you have to remove them by flushing out the toxins with lots of water. Otherwise they will be reabsorbed. Add slices of lemon to your water for additional benefit.

Excercise: It is imperative that you get some exercise while on the challenge. Ideally you should be working out about 5 days week. For some exercise ideas, click here.

Space your meals 2 to 3 hours apart throughout the day. No longer and no less, so blood sugar levels become balanced.

EAT CLEAN. Processed foods do not tell your body that you are full and contain many calories that have no nutrition. Eat nutrient dense whole foods as outlined in the “Food Portion Chart” and “Recommended Food & Menu Ideas”.

Do not skip meals, overeat OR eat less than the required amount. Not eating is just as much of a cheat as overeating! This is not a crash diet, and we need to strengthen your metabolism through feeding the body.

Foods to EAT:

image-food-pyramid(Eat just these things for maximum weight loss)

  • Fresh/Raw Fruits and Veggies (to scrub out the toxins)

  • Chicken, Fish, Turkey Breast, Ground Turkey

  • Healthy Fats: Avocado, Olives/Olive Oil, Raw Nuts/Seeds (unsalted and not coated with anything)

  • Almonds and Almond Butter (no sugar or oil added)

  • Beans, Lentils

  • Chicken or Vegetable Broths

  • Herbal Teas

  • Garlic, Spices, Herbs, Fresh Salsa

  • For cooking, use water, broth, lemon juice, or the non-stick spray with no calories/fat (do not use oil)

  • 100% Whole Grain Rice (Brown rice, Wild rice), Quinoa

  • Oatmeal

Foods to AVOID:

foods-to-avoid(These products keep toxins alive, like throwing fuel on a fire)

  • Alcohol (You’re on the Cleanse – hold off for 10 days!)

  • Coffee, Sodas, Energy Drinks (only drink Spark or Slam)

  • White foods/Starches (e.g. white pasta, bagels, white bread, white rice, processed foods, crackers, chips

  • Do not drink your Advocare Meal Replacement shakes the first 10 days (it contains dairy).

  • Cooking with most Oils (it is best to cook with Water or Broth or Olive Oil)

  • Sugar, Honey, Desserts- (except for fresh fruits – these are good sugars on the 10-day Cleanse)

  • Cheese & Mushrooms (both are “molds” and will help keep toxins alive)

  • If at all possible, avoid Dairy Products (cow’s milk, yogurt, butter, etc…dairy products contain lots of sugars and will feed the toxins)

  • Fatty Foods, Fried Foods, Fast Foods, Meat with skin or breading

  • Ground beef or fatty meats. Turkey meat is much better and you can season it to taste!

  • Salad dressings (due to the fat and oil content – use Salsa or fresh squeezed lemon juice and spices instead)

  • Canned fruit or vegetables

  • Dried fruit coated with sugar

  • Instant rice or oatmeal (cook the real deal)


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