Can I drink alcohol on the  Advocare 24 Day challenge?

Can I drink alochol on the 24 day challenge six packI get asked a lot of questions about the 24 day challenge but the question I get asked the most is, Can I  drink alcohol during the cleanse phase or the max phase of the challenge? The answer might seem kind of obvious to most people but what I recommend might actually surprise you.

First things first. I have never seen anyone follow the challenge exactly and not get amazing results. The interesting thing is, I would say less than 10% of my clients do everything exactly as I tell them 100% to the tee. Those that do the challenge flawlessly, obviously have the best results (10+ pounds for girls and 20+ pounds for guys). The point I am trying to make is, if you are going to spend almost $200 or more on this challenge why would you not give it 100%?

If you give less than 100%, then your results will be less than 100% of what is possible. With that in mind, you should always start the challenge when you don’t have anything coming up.  Check your schedule for weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, holidays, anniversaries, guests coming to visit, work parties, etc.  These are all diet killers.

That being said, I understand that sometimes life just happens. I like to drink and I have had times during a 24 day challenge when I needed to take a night off and have a couple drinks for some function. The first challenge I ever did I had a staycation on the last weekend where I ate a little more and had some drinks.  I still lost 23 pounds. So, you can still have a couple drinks and do good on the challenge, but let me give you some tips on how to drink smart.

So, if you are going to drink on the 24 day challenge here is what you should do.

Can I drink allcohol on the 24 day challenge BeerFirst, if you have a propensity to drink, start the challenge on a Monday.  Get it all out of your system the weekend preceding. If you start on a Monday you will only miss two weekends. If you start on a Friday you will have three weekends of temptations.

For the 10 day cleanse you should not drink anything. Alcohol is essentially a small dose of poison for the body. When you are doing the 10 day cleanse you are cleaning out your liver, kidneys and small intestine. Drinking alcohol during the cleanse phase counteracts everything you are trying to do with your supplements and diet. Don’t waste your money if you plan on drinking the first 10 days.

During the max phase of the challenge you should try not to drink. If you do, then drink in moderation. Don’t make it an everyday thing. If you are going to drink alcohol one not try not to cheat on your food that night. As alcohol is digested as a sugar, skip eating the bread or anything breaded if possible.


Try drinking something a little smarter. If you are a beer drinker try drinking the Bud Select 55. It is only 55 calories. You can drink an entire six pack and it is only going to be about 320 calories. You will feel social and you will get a small buzz without the guilt.  You could do Michelob Ultra but keep in mind that Ultra is almost 100 calories per beer. If you only drink a couple to a few then it is no problem.  If drink 5 or more in the night then the calories will add up.

Red Wine:

Wine could be a good choice but you want to find a wine that has a little less sugar. Different types of wines have different calories. Red Wine on average has 125 calories per glass (5 fl oz), or approximately 625 calories in a bottle. Syrah, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon each have about 121 – 122 calories per glass or 610 calories per bottle.

White Wine

An average bottle of white table wine has about 121 calories or 605 calories per bottle. Riesling has slightly fewer calories (118) or 590 calories per bottle. You can find some Rieslings with fewer than 500 calories per bottle. Sauvignon Blanc will run you about 119 calories or 595 calories per bottle and Chardonnay has a little more at 123 calories or 615 calories per bottle.


You can drink liquor as an option also. The caveat here would be to choose your mixer wisely. I tend to put my clients on a paleo type diet so I would recommend a pure tequila made from 100% Agave as a first choice. A simple Paleo Margarita recipe would work but I like to stay clear of sweetener and have used this NorCal margarita recipe during a challenge before.

If you don’t like tequila, then vodka, gin or rum is a suitable substitute. I generally don’t advise a diet soda as a mixer during the challenge as it is processed but if you have nothing else then go for it as long as it is one night only. Try natural sweeteners such as lemons and limes or small amounts of 100% juice and club soda. Here is a page with some healthy drink ideas.

One last thing I will mention is that if you drink alcohol towards the end of the challenge or after, since your body is so cleaned out it might make you sick. Whenever I do the challenge, the first drink I have after the challenge almost always makes me sick (along with the first time I eat dairy). So, take it easy to start and if your stomach hurts, it is just because your body needs to readjust to the alcohol.