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That means all orders from this website are processed and shipped directly from Advocare. You pay Advocare and they ship the products to your house. All orders are processed and shipped the same day if you order early enough in the day. And Advocare ships super fast! The only way to get 100% guaranteed fresh Advocare supplements is through an authorized distributor like us.

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My wife and I have been using Advocare products for 5 years. We have helped countless people to get healthy, drop stubborn pounds and fight the battle to get in the best shape of their lives. We are experts on all the Advocare products and can quickly and honestly answer all questions on what will work best for you. When you buy from us we give you our emails and cell phone numbers.  You can call, text or email us at any time throughout the challenge.  If you go to a restaurant with colleagues on day three and want to know if you can have balsamic dressing on your salad, send us a quick text and we almost always get you an answer back in seconds.

If you buy your challenge here you get personalized one on one guidance for the duration of your challenge and even after!

If you want to be left alone we respect that too.  That is why we put together this website that has everything you need to know about the challenge and how to complete it successfully.

How do you get started with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge?

Step 1: Purchase your 24 Day Challenge Kit

To get started with the 24 day challenge the first thing that you do is buy the kit. To purchase the kit please click here.

Step 2: Plan Your Start Date and Be Prepared

calendar2After you purchase the kit it usually takes less than a week for it to come in the mail. Advocare is pretty good at getting orders shipped out fast. When it arrives, you are not going to just jump into the 24 day challenge. You need to prepare in advance to make sure you are ready to eat properly for the next 24 days. The 24 day challenge is just as much about diet as it is about the supplements. To obtain optimal results you need to be concerned with both the diet and the supplements, not just one or the other. Use your week to study our site and make sure you have plenty of the suggested foods available before you start. Also, make sure you check out our 24 Day Challenge Essentials page and make sure you at least have a kitchen scale and a bathroom scale.

healthy-refrigerator-Quick-Weight-Loss-ResultsIt is important to make sure you know about how many calories you will be eating each day and what type of diet you will be on during the challenge. If you need help figuring out how many calories you need or what type of diet to go on you can visit our How Many Calories Do I Need For The Advocare 24 Day Challenge page for more information.

The day before the challenge starts your refrigerator should be loaded with all types of good foods for you based upon your selected meal plan. Your cupboards should be emptied of all junk food, coffee and any other temptations that might throw you off the diet. You should have the essential tools to measure and weigh your food.

Step 3: Take your before and after photos and measurements.

It is very important for you to keep track of how many pounds and inches you have lost and also take some photos to see how much better you look compared to when you started. Taking pictures and measurements is quick and easy and we have step by step instructions to guide you along.

How to take before and after measurements for 24 Day Challenge   How to take before and after photos for the 24 Day Challenge

Do not skip the measurements and photo step. Everybody’s body changes in different ways.  One person might lose as much fat as they gain in muscle.  The scale might not move much but the before and after pictures and might look incredible and the inches lost might be much more than you expected.

Step 4: Organize Your Supplements

When your Advocare 24 Day Challenge arrives in the mail it is going to look something like this. For the first ten days you will only need the Herbal Cleanse (shown in the bottom right), the Omega Fish Oil (top center) and the Spark (Bottom left – 2 packages). You can put everything else away so you don’t get confused.

To learn more about the Cleanse portion of the 24 Day Challenge please continue on to our Advocare 24 Day Challenge Cleanse Phase Page. To learn more about the second portion of the 24 Day Challenge, the “Max Phase” please continue on to our Advocare 24 Day Challenge Max Phase Page.

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