The day before you start the challenge you need to fill out the following chart. To start you need to enter your weight. Whenever you want to measure weight for weight loss you need to make sure that you measure it at the same time of the day because your weight fluctuates during the day. So take that into consideration. I always like to weigh myself in the morning as I am at my lowest weight and it is convenient. You don’t necessarily have to enter your body fat percentage but it is something I like to keep track of. We have some links of some pretty cheap body fat measurement devices here. But if you do not have one, do not worry about it. Also, make sure to write down you current jean or pants size.


Myo-TapeMyo-TapeWhen taking measurements of your body it is useful to have a body tape measure as shown to the left. It only costs around $5 dollars and they work really good. You can click on the image to go to Amazon and buy one. If you do not have a body tape measure than you can use a string and a tape measure. Simply wrap the string around the body part you are measuring and mark it. Then lay it out on the tape measure to see how many inches you measured. It is usually easier to have someone else measure for you but it is possible to measure yourself.

How to Measure each part:

The photo above shows where the measurements should be taken. Remember not the press in to tight with the measurement tape.
Neck: Measure half between the chin and the collar bone.
Shoulders: Measure at the widest point
Chest: Arms relaxed at side. Tape should go over the nipples.
Waist: Measure with the tape passing over the belly button
Hips: Measure the widest point with your feet together.
Thighs: Measure at the widest point
Calves: Measure at the widest point
Arms: Measure half way between the shoulder and elbows.

Recap: Tips for Measuring

-When taking measurements, stand tall with your muscles relaxed and your feet together.
-When measuring, apply constant pressure to the tape without pinching the skin. Also, do not let the tape sag.
-Use a flexible measuring tape, do not use a metal tape measure.
-Measure under the same conditions each time, such as wearing the same tight clothes (or none at all).
– If you must measure yourself, then do so in front of a mirror to make sure the tape is positioned correctly. If possible, have someone else do the measuring for you.
-The place to take some of these measurements will vary slightly from person to person. To ensure accuracy, just remember to take them in the same place on your body each time.


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