How to take good before and after photos for your Advocare 24 Day Challenge:

1) The first thing to remember is to choose the right location. You want your body to be the center of attention. So stand in front of a plain wall or a door. Do not stand in the middle of a crowded room in in front of your bed.

2) Pic a pose and take multiple photos.
You should take the following photos:
a) Hands down in a relaxed position
b) Hand on hips
c) Flex your biceps
d,e,f) Turn around and do the same three poses.
g,h) Turn to the side and take one photo with your hands down and one with your hands on your hips.

3) Use a high quality camera if possible. If you are using a smart phone use the high quality photo setting. The photos should be between 300kb and 700 kb.

4) Have someone else take your photos. If you have to take the photos yourself, do not hold the camera in front of your face or chop off your head in the photo.

5) Make sure the camera is focused and that the lighting is okay.

6) Form fitting workout wear is ideal. Try not to wear skimpier underwear because these are more private and you wont be able to show people your results. Also, you do not want to wear baggy clothes that cover up your progress.

7) After Picture: Redo the same photos in the same outfits with the same camera for your after pictures.

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