How many calories should I eat on the 24 Day Challenge?

One thing that everyone asks is how many calories should they eat on the 24 day challenge. The good thing about they challenge is that you are encouraged to eat 5 times a day including 3 meals and a couple of snacks. This is not a diet where you starve yourself to get results and feel like crap for 24 days. You should actually feel increased energy levels and have a better mood on this diet.

On our cleanse page we have a list of foods and drinks you should eat and a list of foods and drink you should avoid. Please follow this list as close as possible. You also need to keep track of how much you eat so that you are eating enough to promote weight loss but not eating too little so that you have next to no energy. Remember, eating too little is just as bad as eating too much!

We have two different ways for you to keep track of your calories on the 24 day challenge which most of our clients find very easy to use. Please take a couple minutes to read through both of these methods and decide which one you think would be better for you. Our clients have had great success using both of these methods. It just comes down to which you think would be better for you considering your lifestyle.

Livestrong-MyPlateThe first way to keep track of calories is to use to monitor both the amount of and distribution of calories you are eating. This site is free and very easy to use. We have written detailed instructions on how to use Livestrong for the Advocare 24 day challenge.

How to use

The Zone Diet

the-zone-book-191x300The second method of keeping track of how much you eat as an alternative to using is the Zone diet. The Zone diet is designed as an easy way to show you how much to eat rather than tell you what to eat. This makes the zone diet invaluable as you can take any lifestyle diet you are on and make it work with the zone. Vegan, Paleo, Neolithic and most other diets all work with the zone. We have also written a detailed Zone diet page which you can access below.

How to do the Zone Diet


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