fit couple rapid weight lossGetting in the best shape of your life is as much about nutrition as it is about getting to the gym. However, making a transition to a healthy lifestyle can be really hard especially if we haven’t been eating the healthiest for a little while. The 24 Day challenge is the easiest way to jump-start your healthy lifestyle.

The 24 day challenge starts with a 10 day cleanse that gets all the junk out your digestive track making it prime for absorbing nutrients. The second 14 days are the “Max Phase” which is about fueling your body with all sorts of nutrients and vitamins in order to achieve maximum results. The 24 day challenge comes with a comprehensive meal plan to help you start eating healthier. The average weight loss on the challenge is about 8 – 10 pounds and it is not uncommon for some people to lose 20+ pounds. The best part of the challenge is how you feel at the end of it. When you feel your best you will perform the best and you will see some awesome results!

How Do I get Started With the Advocare 24 Day Challenge?


What is the 24 Day challenge