Finishing the 24 Day Challenge

Finishing the 24 Day Challenge is a very rewarding experience. However, the journey towards being in the best shape you can possibly be does not end here for most people. There are a couple easy things you can do to continue on the path of your healthy journey.

First things first.

At the end of the challenge on Day 25 you need to weigh yourself, take your measurements and take your after photos. You should weigh yourself around the same time you weighed yourself on day -1. Your weight shifts throughout the day so it is important to weigh in at the same time. If Day 1 was a morning weigh in, then day 25 should be a morning weigh-in.

You also need to take your measurements again. It is recommended that someone else take the measurements for you. The same person who took your first set of measurements on Day -1 should also take your second set of measurements on day 25 to cut down on any measurement errors from person to person. As you take the measurements fill out the same sheet you filled out from day -1. Once these measurements are done simply subtract the numbers to come up with your total inches lost!

When you take your after pictures try to use the same camera person, the same camera and the same location of your before pictures just to keep them consistent. Use the same poses that you used with the before pictures. If you didn’t suck it in for the before pictures then don’t suck it in for the after pictures!

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After the 24 Day Challenge

The only thing you do not want to do after the challenge is to go back to the way you were eating before the challenge. This is especially true if you lost a lot of weight. If you are happy with your weight loss and do not want to lose any more weight then you can modify your settings at to increase your calories or slightly increase your blocks for the Zone diet. If you would like to continue to lose weight then you should definitely keep eating like you have been eating. Some people ask if they can do the challenge twice in a row. The answer to that is no. It is not recommended to do the challenge more than once every three months. You can however continue to take your Max phase supplements. We have an after the challenge page where we sell our recommended supplements.

Supplement Recommendations:

What we usually recommend to our clients who want to continue to lose weight is to take the MAX supplements and the fish oil. If you are a frequent exerciser or CrossFitter we also recommend taking Catalyst.

If you are happy with your results and want to grow stronger or gain lean mass then Advocare also offers a variety of products to help you gain muscle mass, increase your energy before workouts and they even supply regular protein shakes. Advocare products are the highest quality products you can get and are extensively tested to be pure and do what they say they are going to do. There are only a handful of supplements companies that players in the NFL are allowed to take and Advocare is one of those companies that the NFL trusts.

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